Plant Based Biodegradable PU & Leather

Both the Leather and The PU will biodegrade within 90 days in landfill, and the PU has the added advantage that it is heavily Plant based, and so is not using high percentages of Carbon in its manufacture.

 We are delighted to introduce these two new materials to our range. 

We are able to make any of our items using the new products which gives our customers and their customers the option to be Greener.

We do think that the plant based PU gives a better and more honest option when being asked for Vegan products -many people are just offering a Carbon based PU as a Vegan alternative.

Leather itself is already a recycled product (no animal is ever killed for its hide) add to that the 90 day biodegrade the new materials really are answering many questions regarding helping to minimise any damage to the planet. We already use as many recycled or recyclable products as we can in our products and we will continue to strive to do so.